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You've told it to someone who cares! (that's us btw!). Now welcome to the Community View. This is a random round-up of the latest goings-on from the community. It's a place where we'll share some of the results of the surveys we send you as well as other mumblings and musings from us. We hope you enjoy reading.

  • The Team

Whilst it hasn't felt much like summer with the weather we've been having, you certainly jumped straight into our latest survey all about your plans for summer.

We've loved hearing all your plans and opinions for a slightly different summer than usual - although there's lots to be positive about as restrictions ease and we can all get back to doing at least some of things we've missed.

You can check out the results of this month's survey over in the results section here, or take a look at how you 'Summed up Summer' in our fun infographic below. Perhaps you need some summer tunes to being on the feel good feeling? Then why not check out our playlist made from some of ultimate summer song suggestions?

All that's left is to keep your fingers crossed for some heat and sunny weather 😎

After a long winter of dark nights, cold weather and restrictions we’ve no doubt you’re like us and longing for summer. Whilst there’s still uncertainty around foreign travel, we do have a new appreciation for local businesses, and all those activities we haven’t been able to do in our own country. Inside next month’s survey we're interested to find out your thoughts and potential plans for summer. Keep an eye on your inbox for your chance to take part and win!

  • The Team

Hello fellow urbanites! Thanks for giving us a sneak peak at your homes and gardens as part of this month's survey. We've loved seeing everything from your lockdown projects to favourite spaces in your homes and gardens. We've also got a touch of garden envy 🌱 just like the 27% of you who said you've experienced this as you've taken a walk around your neighbourhood! 😂

Thanks to everyone who took the time to submit a photo, you can take a look at them over on our Meet the Community page here.