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You've told it to someone who cares! (that's us btw!). Now welcome to the Community View. This is a random round-up of the latest goings-on from the community. It's a place where we'll share some of the results of the surveys we send you as well as other mumblings and musings from us. We hope you enjoy reading.

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We love a survey all about food - it’s something we can all get our teeth into (pun intended!). We’re not just talking about any food; we want to explore your opinions (and cuisines from different countries) in our latest survey for Northern Ireland members called…Eating Around the World!

Inside our survey we'll have questions relating to different countries and their cuisine, but you won’t visit them all! Your survey experience (or trip) will be decided at random and will be different from other community members! Be sure to look out for a few questions which could make for a few strange (or even familiar) destinations along the way!

Invites have landed in inboxes already, but if you've missed it we'll send you a reminder or two. Not a member yet? come on in and join us here.

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This month, and during the week that the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released its Climate Change report, we asked our community in Northern Ireland all about their thoughts on sustainability and the environment. From concerns over environmental issues to food waste and sustainable clothing, here’s a snapshot of what our Northern Ireland Urbanites told us.

You can also head over to our opinions page to download a copy here.

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We asked you in our latest survey, Mobile, Media and all things streaming, to give us your top podcast recommendations. You told us you listen to podcasts when relaxing, cooking, cleaning, and commuting, so it’s not surprising your top podcasts are a varied selection. Everything from true crime, politics and comedy to entertainment, life and art.

Here are your Top 5 as recommended by you:

1. My Favourite Murder

2. My Dad wrote a….

3. Shagged, Married, Annoyed

4. Tommy, Hector and Laurita

5. My Therapist Ghosted Me with Joanne McNally and Vogue Williams

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