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You've told it to someone who cares! (that's us btw!). Now welcome to the Community View. This is a random round-up of the latest goings-on from the community. It's a place where we'll share some of the results of the surveys we send you as well as other mumblings and musings from us. We hope you enjoy reading.

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This month we asked you to share your opinions on Living Local... were you loving or loathing? It turns out you're loving it! A third of you say the pandemic has given you a new appreciation for your local area, whilst 7in10 of you are making a conscious effort to shop locally and close to home with over half supporting local businesses. Watch the short video below for a little more of what you told us this month. Or take a look at the results here.

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We're back with our second survey of 2021!

There’s no doubt the ongoing pandemic has altered all aspects of life. One particular area of change is the fact our travel habits and patterns have changed, with many of us working, shopping and playing closer to where we live.

Inside this month's survey we want to hear all about how you're currently living life in your local area… everything from working (whether you’re a key worker, or working from home), shopping (essential shopping only for now of course!) and playing… whether that’s in the form of exercise, taking the kids to the park or walking the dog.

Check your inbox for your invitation to take part. If you're not a member yet, you can join us us today by clicking here!

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This month you gave us your thoughts on some fashion and style trends that have grown in popularity as a result of the various lockdowns and restrictions. Whether as a result of us looking for some comfort through nostalgia, or purely out of necessity due to not being able to keep up with our normal grooming routines… either way you’ve spoken and told us if you think these lockdown looks are HOT! or NOT! Download your copy today!

Remember you can also view more results of this month's survey here and our latest winners here.

Download PDF • 3.98MB

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